SGSC Entry Program at Valdosta

South Georgia State College Entry Program at Valdosta State University (SGSC-EP at VSU)

What is the SGSC-EP at VSU?

South Georgia State College and Valdosta State University have collaborated to provide a point of access to higher education if you have been denied entry into Valdosta State University. Once you complete the Program with 30 credit hours and a maintained 2.0 (minimum) GPA , you will be eligible to transfer to VSU or any other institution in the University System of Georgia. SGSC-EP at VSU operates under the jurisdiction of South Georgia State College.

Click here to watch our video on the SGSC Entry Program at VSU!

The Blazer Life

SGSC and VSU want you to feel at home on the VSU campus and enjoy the Blazer Life. You are invited to be a part of student organizations, attend football games and other athletic events, and participate in student life and intramural sports. Once you are a SGSC-EP student, you will also be able to live on-campus in the VSU dorms. You, and all other SGSC-EP students, will be housed in Langdale Hall, a two-person traditional bedroom dorm along and have a meal plan.


Click here to apply and specify the Valdosta location. Once you are fully admitted to SGSC, VSU will email you an assigned VSU ID number to be used for your housing application.


If you have been invited to participate in the SGSC-EP, please provide your consent below.

Referrals from VSU


Dates for New Student Registration for spring semester 2018 are:

January 5 - Valdosta State University Center – Entry Program Offices, 10:00 am















For more information, visit the following links:


COMPASS Preparation Resources


Course Schedule

Faculty and Staff


The Entry Program office at VSU is located at:

South Georgia State College
Entrance #9, University Center
1500 Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31698
Phone: 912-260-4660
Fax: 912-260-4662