Navigate For Students

{Navigate} - Plan, direct and guide your path

To access Academic Planning, go to sgsc.navigate.eab.com and sign on  using your SGSC credentials. You must be on a computer in a web browser in order to view the planner, it will not show in the mobile application.

South Georgia State College has launched a mobile application called Navigate Student that focuses on guiding your path as you move through your college experience. Navigate Student offers customized content created especially for YOUR academic journey. 

Let's see what Navigate Student can do for YOU!

Organize Your Daily Life

Use Navigate to view your class schedule and locations. Pull up your app to know where to be and when!


Have a To-Do List with Reminders

See upcoming events and things to do while being reminded of registration, academic and payment deadlines


Connect With the Right People

Navigate will connect you to the right people and resources for your advising, tutoring or campus needs. Navigate can also send alerts for holds and connect you to the right office to resolve them.


Make Plans for your Future

Match your interests and career goals and let Major Explorer point you toward the right major.


And Even More...

Don't miss out on Navigate Student! Your college life will be more organized and easier to manage. It's your path to success all at your fingertips!



And did we tell you? It's easy and it's free! Search Navigate Student in your app store and log in with your SGSC username (first part of your SGSC email before the @ symbol) and your current  email password. Select South Georgia State College and you are on your way! No app? No worries! Access online HERE.