Momentum at SGSC

Momentum at SGSC

Welcome to the Momentum page at South Georgia State College. Here you will find information on our efforts to improve student success through participation in the University System of Georgia’s Momentum Year and Momentum Approach initiatives.

You can find more information on these initiatives on the USG Web Site, here.

Momentum Year:

Momentum Approach (Video):


South Georgia State College and the Momentum Year Effort

SGSC established the following eight items of emphasis for supporting Momentum in the 2021-2022 academic year:

  1. Coaches are assigned to students in the “Concierge coaching” model to help the students in their journey while at SGSC and provide an additional layer of support and connection for our students.
  1. Pilot & release Mindset BOOST workshops.
  1. Use Navigate to encourage Area A completion.
  1. Train advisors to help students create fuller schedules.
  1. Provide programs/services that create connections for students with potential careers.
  1. Promote Career Services in freshman year
  1. Provide Mindset Training to Faculty on promoting Mindset to students.
  1. Scale undergraduate research efforts and other High Impact Practices at the institution.