Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

A peer review committee will review SGSC's Quality Enhancement Plan for accreditation. The five-year plan reinforces SGSC's commitment to institutional quality and effectiveness by emphasizing student learning outcomes and success. Our strategic plan and institutional program reviews will guide Douglas and Waycross campus constituents' topic selection.

The document submitted by the institution must demonstrate that its QEP:

  • Has a topic identified through its ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes.
  • Has broad-based support of institutional constituencies.
  • Focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success.
  • Commits resources to initiate, implement, and complete the QEP, including a plan to assess achievement.

The QEP should be integrated into the College's planning and assessment procedures, developed from current projects or newly identified issues with student learning and assessed using pertinent data.

SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan Policy Statement

The Commission will receive the QEP six weeks before the Fall 2025 On-Site Reaffirmation Committee campus visit.

QEP Pre-Implementation

After the QEP has been authorized internally, but before it is approved or adjustments suggested by SACSCOC, it is critical to perform a pilot implementation and raise awareness of the QEP on campus.

  • determining an adequate implementation time frame (three to four years);
  • establishing a procedure for identifying broad-based implementation actions;
  • creating an implementation matrix that includes steps to be completed, objectives of each activity, people in charge, deliverables, outcomes, precise measures, budgets, and dates;
  • developing a comprehensive assessment plan to measure improvements in student learning, including prescribed measures for all projects;
  • developing a management structure for QEP implementation that will ensure effective QEP administration, monitoring of progress, and consistent reporting; and
  • developing a system for information dissemination ensures that the UCF community is aware of the QEP, its importance, and its progress.

QEP Implementation

After SACSCOC approves the QEP, full implementation will commence immediately. Actions to assist QEP implementation will include activating the entire management structure, including a QEP Coordinator; determining baseline values for all measures; upgrading the QEP website (from development to implementation); and expanding QEP marketing to the SGSC community.