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SGSC Receives Full Approval as a Georgia Educator Preparation Provider

Posted on Apr 04, 2023

Since fall semester of 2019, South Georgia State College has been offering a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education. This program was made possible through a partnership with the University of North Georgia (UNG). During this time, the partnership has provided SGSC the ability to graduate and produce 42 high quality new teachers for our local school systems.

On March 9, 2023, the Professional Standards Commission granted SGSC’s Elementary and Special Education Program full approval as a Georgia Educator Preparation Provider (EPP). The PSC developmental review process concluded that SGSC’s Elementary and Special Education Program meets all Georgia Standards for teacher preparation with no comments or recommendations. This approval empowers SGSC to certify teacher candidates independent of the University of North Georgia, whose support was invaluable throughout the process.  

Dr. Kit Carson, Chair for the Elementary and Special Education Program at SGSC stated, “This is a significant milestone for SGSC and for our communities. As a fully approved Educator Preparation Provider (EPP), we are now able to provide additional education programs based on local school district needs and requirements. Our partnership with UNG was exceptional and has provided us with a solid foundation for developing and producing quality teachers.”

Currently, SGSC is offering a degree in Elementary and Special Education with a traditional track and a paraprofessional track for eligible paraprofessionals who are currently employed in partner school systems. Qualified paraprofessionals can continue to work as employees while they complete their degree with SGSC. For more information, please email ele-sped@sgsc.edu or visit www.sgsc.edu