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SGSC Awarded USG Grant to Enhance STEM Education

Posted on Jan 24, 2024

South Georgia State College has been awarded a grant from the University System of Georgia to enhance education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).   

The grant application was created through the efforts of Rauf Tailony, Ph.D., MIME, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Brandi Elliott, Associate Vice President of Student Success, and Charles Johnson, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, who submitted the application to the University System of Georgia, in order to better support students enrolled in SGSC’s STEM and Mechanical Engineering Technology courses.  This $45,000 grant will be used to continue STEM Initiative efforts, specifically through the establishment of a Formula SAE lab and increased STEM tutoring. 

A Formula SAE lab will enable students to engage in an international student design competition, organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), where students are tasked with designing, building, and testing a small formula-style racing car. Engaging in the competition allows students to apply classroom theories in engineering to create a tangible, competitive race car. This endeavor will cultivate hands-on skills, collaboration, and innovation, greatly enriching their educational experience. 

The Formula SAE lab is a practical application of SGSC’s student-centric approach and a platform for continuous improvement. It invites participation and collaboration from students in various fields, including engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and beyond, in an engaging and realistic setting. With annual involvement in the SAE competition, this initiative ensures a perpetually evolving learning environment, reinforcing the values of teamwork, innovation, and hands-on experience year after year. 

This project will bring together students from various STEM majors, promoting a hands-on, problem-solving culture that is essential for encouraging creativity, and adaptability of the growth mindset SGSC is dedicated to nurturing.  

SGSC Student Success offers supplemental instruction in biology and chemistry courses and tutoring in STEM courses. The awarded grant will serve to enhance these offerings, allowing for more direct academic support through additional supplemental instruction for math and other initial STEM courses as well as and more intensive tutoring for the initial STEM courses that lead to success in upper-level courses. 

“This grant has great potential to boost the learning experience of not only our STEM students, but also our students in STEM-adjacent areas of study.  We are excited by the potential for student collaboration in the Formula SAE lab as well as the further enhancement of our quality supplemental instruction and tutoring,” says Charles Johnson, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.

South Georgia State College is committed to offering its students an unparalleled STEM experience. Through the Formula SAE lab and participation in the competition, SGSC Student Success is looking forward to boosting SGSC's stature in STEM education, fostering a culture of hands-on learning, and preparing SGSC students for real-world engineering challenges.

Questions about the grant, the Formula SAE lab, and STEM tutoring can be directed to SGSC School of Arts and Sciences, 912-260-4338.

Dr. Rauf Tailony is shown working with SGSC Mechanical Engineering Technology students.