Moves and Set-ups

About Us

The Special Services Department accommodates a variety of different services such as:

  • Event set-up/breakdowns
  • Office moves
  • Equipment moves
  • Table requests
  • Chair requests

Just to name a few. If you need something moved or want to inquire about an event set-up, office move, or a request for tables and chairs, please submit a work order request.

Work Order Request

All surplus items are picked up and moved by the surplus crew and are taken to the surplus warehouse. If you have an item of furniture that you would like to surplus please contact us by filling out a Work Order Request.

If your item of furniture is in good condition and you believe that someone on campus may still enjoy it's use, please feel free to send out an Odds and Ends email containing an image of the item and a small description. If someone on campus claims the item from your email, then you will put in a Work Order Request for the special services crew to come and pick it up and deliver it to it's new location.

Please follow and include the following in your Service Request Form:

  • The desired date you would like to begin your move.
  • Provide an small description of the items you are requesting to be moved. For example, 1 L-shape desk with a hutch, 2 file cabinets, and 1 bookshelf.
  • What room/building the items are in, and where they are moving to.
  • Computers must be shut down and possibly disconnected if wires are running through the desk, but unfortunately we are unable to reconnect the computer. You will have to contact the IIT Service Desk to move and reconnect any disconnected computers.
  • If there are any desks that are being relocated to another room or building, please have them emptied. A lot of times when we are moving desks we will have to flip the desk on it's side to get it out of the room.
  • Due to liability concerns, we cannot pack your boxes for you, we can only move them.
  • When packing up a bookshelf, use smaller boxes. As medium to large boxes get heavy really quickly when packing books. 
  • For any other concerns or queries about packing boxes please do not hesitate to contact Rhonda Blount (912) 449-7531.