Spring 2018 Schedule






Jan. 27 Saturday Sante Fe Douglas, GA 1pm
Jan. 31 Wednesday Tallahassee CC Douglas, GA 4pm
Feb. 3 Saturday Tallahassee CC Tallahassee, FL 2pm
Feb. 5 Monday Florida St. College of Jax Douglas, GA 3pm
Feb. 6 Tuesday Thomas Univ. Douglas, GA 3pm
Feb. 8 Thursday Florida St. College of Jax Jacksonville, FL 3pm
Feb. 9 Friday USC Salkahatchie Douglas, GA 1pm
Feb. 13 Tuesday USC Salkahatchie Allendale, SC 1pm
Feb. 16 Friday St. Johns River CC Douglas, GA 3pm
Feb. 18 Sunday St. Johns River CC Palatka, FL 2pm
Feb. 23 Friday Central Florida CC Ocala, FL 2pm
Feb. 24 Saturday CFCC/Fl Southwestern Ocala, FL 9:30 AM
Mar. 2 Friday Lake Michigan Douglas, GA 6pm
Mar. 3 Saturday Lake Michigan Douglas, GA 1pm
Mar. 6 Tuesday West GA Tech Carrolton, GA  
Mar. 9 Friday West GA Tech Douglas, GA 6pm
Mar. 10 Saturday West GA Tech Douglas, GA 1pm
Mar. 13 Tuesday East GA Swainsboro, GA 3pm
Mar. 15 Thursday East GA Douglas, GA 6pm
Mar. 17 Saturday East GA Douglas, GA 1pm
Mar. 20 Tuesday ABAC Douglas, GA 6pm
Mar. 22 Thursday ABAC Tifton, GA 6pm
Mar. 23 Saturday ABAC Tifton, GA 2pm
Mar. 26 Monday West GA Tech Carrolton, GA  
Mar. 28 Wednesday East GA Swainsboro, GA 3pm
Mar. 30 Friday ABAC Douglas, GA 3pm
Apr. 3 Tuesday GA Highlands Douglas, GA 3pm
Apr. 6 Friday GA Highlands Emerson, GA 6pm
Apr. 7 Saturday GA Highlands Emerson, GA 1pm
Apr. 10 Tuesday Andrew Douglas, GA 6pm
Apr. 12 Thursday Andrew Cuthbert, GA 6pm
Apr. 14 Saturday Andrew Cuthbert, GA 1pm
Apr. 17 Tuesday Gordon Barnesville, GA 3pm
Apr. 20 Friday Gordon Douglas, GA 6pm
Apr. 21 Saturday Gordon Douglas, GA 1pm
Apr. 23 Monday Emmanuel JV Douglas, GA 3pm
Apr. 26 Thursday Inspiration Acad. Douglas, GA 3pm
May. 1 Tuesday GA Highlands Douglas, GA 3pm
May. 3 Thursday Andrew Douglas, GA 6pm
May. 5 Saturday Gordon Barnesville, GA 3pm
May.9-11 Wed-Friday Region 17 Tournament Barnesville, GA TBA
May 16-18 Wed-Friday East Central District Tournament TBA TBA

Note: Home games are in bold and yellow highlight.


Printable Spring 2018 Baseball Schedule


Head Coach: Jeff Timothy: jeff.timothy@sgsc.edu

770.316.3832 (cell)

Asst. Coach: Stewart Bailey

770.595.9215 (cell)

Asst. Coach: Jerry Stuckey

478.733.0922 (cell)