Waycross Campus Print Collection

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Waycross Campus library has about 30,000 print books in the collection. The books are shelved according to subject, using letters and numbers, in accordance with the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. Books in the main collection, housed in the open stacks, do not have special letter codes on the spine; just a call number based on the Library of Congress.

There is a special collection of graphic books on a library display tower. The special letter code on the spine of those books, above the call number, is GRA. Books are normally checked out for 28 days and you can renew them yourselves as long as they have not reached overdue status.

You actually have access to more than the books in this collection. Using the shared universal catalog, you can request any of the millions of circulating books in the library collection of the entire University System of Georgia. This service is called Gil Express.

Waycross Campus Graphic Novel Collection