South Georgia State College

SGSC Core Curriculum

      In accordance with the policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, the College has established a Core Curriculum* which offers students a broad general education covering essential skills; institutional options; humanities/fine arts; science, mathematics, and technology; and the social sciences. In addition, students are given the opportunity to begin study in a selected pathway area of concentration. The Core Curriculum was established to provide the same general education for students throughout the system of public higher education in Georgia and to facilitate transfer between the various units of the University System of Georgia. Courses in the Core Curriculum apply to the freshman and sophomore years, and successfully completed Core areas will transfer with full credit to any other University System of Georgia institution. Students who earn the Associate of Arts degree or Associate of Science degree will have fully completed Core requirements. To complete all Core Curriculum requirements, the student must complete 60 semester credit hours as follows:

AREA A: Essential Skills = 9 hours
AREA B: Institutional Options = 4 hours
AREA C: Humanities/Fine Arts = 6 hours
AREA D: Science, Mathematics, and Technology = 11-12 hours
AREA E: Social Sciences = 12 hours
AREA F: Courses Related to the Program of Study = 18 hours

TOTAL: 60 hours

     Please note: It is the student's responsibility to discuss academic plans and desired course selections thoroughly with his or her assigned faculty advisor in order to determine exactly which courses should be taken. All students are to consult with their faculty advisor in planning their course selections prior to registration for each semester.

     The various academic programs appropriate to the different major fields have been approved for University System institutions and should be followed if the student plans to transfer to a senior college or university within the University System of Georgia. Students who change their pathway may have to complete additional hours of coursework beyond those required for completion of the program. A student who experiences difficulties in transferring credit to a University System of Georgia institution should contact the transfer ombudsperson at that institution or at South Georgia State College. The transfer ombudsperson at South Georgia State College is the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

     Students who plan to transfer to a college or university other than a University System institution should refer to the catalog of the senior college to which they intend to transfer. In some of the pathway academic areas, certain courses may not be taught at this institution. Again, students are urged to consult with their assigned faculty advisor to determine the extent of the applicable course offerings at South Georgia State College.


*Approved by SGSC Academic Council October 23, 2012; approved by SGSC faculty October 30, 2012; approved by USG Council on General Education November 8, 2012