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GALILEO stands for GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online. It is a world wide web-based library providing access to thousands of full texts resources. GALILEO is available to every resident of Georgia and contains journals, magazines, newspapers, books, encyclopedias, digital images, documents, and more.

Because all of the materials on the Internet are not free, GALILEO offers access to credible, authoritative information resources available on a subscription basis.

While GALILEO is internet based and includes links to selected free Internet resources, the majority of materials in GALILEO are not internet websites. GALILEO includes databases of citations, full text PDF and html documents, images, electronic books, electronic videos, as well as other types of databases.

GALILEO can be accessed from home. Without the South Georgia State College password, students will only be able to view the public resources. In order to access institutional resources through GALILEO, SGSC students, faculty and staff will need SGSC's current GALILEO password for off-campus access. Just follow the simple directions and enter the information requested on the My Account screen to access the current password. .